NCI doubles supercomputer throughput with Power


The supercomputing market is largely dominated by x86 architecture, of which Intel boasts the majority of the market share. According to manager of high performance computing (HPC) systems and cloud services at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) Dr Muhammad Atif, when there is only one big vendor, they do their own thing, which results in certain applications or features not enabled or not present in their architecture. As a result, NCI turned to IBM to boost the research capacity of the biggest supercomputing cluster in the Southern Hemisphere, Raijin, which is currently benchmarked at clocking 1.67 petaflops, Atif told ZDNet. NCI, Australia's national research computing service, purchased four IBM Power System servers for HPC in December, in a bid to advance its research efforts through artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, high performance data analytics, and other compute-heavy workloads. The upgrades added much-needed capacity to the Raijin system, Atif explained.