Artificial intelligence is changing the workplace. Finding the right employees is more important than ever.


Whether it is being used to guide financial advisors at investment companies or track employee productivity at restaurant chains, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common in the workplace. And human resources departments need to make sure employees are ready for the change. "In the age of digital transformation, organizations need to adjust and innovate to stay competitive," said Uwe Hohgrawe, the faculty director of analytics and enterprise intelligence in Northeastern's College of Professional Studies. "And people need to develop new skills to work with AI." Hohgrawe and Carl Zangerl, who directs Northeastern's human resources management program, have organized a symposium to help companies figure out how to handle the human side of incorporating artificial intelligence into the workplace. The Symposium on the Intersection of AI and Talent Strategy will be held on Tuesday, February 12 in Northeastern's Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex.