Announcement Regarding Successful Development of Gradient Descent (Backpropagation) Algorithm for Quantum Computers


Quantum computing has received significant attention as a next-generation computing technology due to its potential speed and ability to solve problems considered too difficult for classical computers, as reflected in the recent discussion on Quantum Supremacy. Grid sees quantum computing not only as a tool for solving optimization and quantum chemical computation problems, but also as a tool for AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc.) calculations, such as feature extraction. Previous works have announced the successful implementation of machine learning-related algorithms, such as principal component analysis and auto-encoders, on quantum computers. This work announces the development of a gradient descent (backpropagation) algorithm, a method commonly used in machine learning for neural network parameter optimization, for use on NISQ quantum computers. Due to the non-linear nature of quantum bits (qubits), Grid proposes that this algorithm can be used to perform the feature extraction and representation calculations that deep learning methods employ.