Ahead of North Korean summit, Abe vows to coordinate with Trump on abductions issue

The Japan Times 

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday he will closely coordinate with President Donald Trump on efforts to settle the issue of abductions of Japanese nationals by North Korea ahead of the second summit between the U.S. leader and Kim Jong Un, set for next week. Abe, who met with family members of abduction victims Tuesday, told a Diet committee that he will ask Trump to convey to the North Korean leader his view on how to settle the abduction issue. "I want to closely coordinate our policies (with Trump) to resolve North Korea's nuclear, missile and -- most importantly -- abduction issues," the prime minister said. Abe and Trump were expected to talk via phone later in the day. When Trump met with Kim for the first time in Singapore in June, he took up the abduction issue at Abe's request.

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