Ribbit, Index Lead Fintech Unicorn Hunters


We rank top fintech investors by the number of fintech unicorns in their portfolios as well as the stage at which they first provided capital. Today, there are over 25 fintech unicorns across four different continents. Top names like Coinbase ($1.57B valuation), TransferWise ($1.6B), and Robinhood ($5.6B) have achieved global recognition. Using CB Insights data, we dug into which investors have backed the most billion-dollar fintech startups -- and which are poised to gain the most if their portfolio companies manage exits on par with their huge private market valuations. Fintech-focused VC firm Ribbit Capital takes the overall top spot as the most active investor in fintech unicorns, with 10 companies in its portfolio attaining at least $1B valuations.

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