TuSimple logs Level 4 autonomous test miles


TuSimple, a 30-month-old San Diego-based autonomous truck startup, says it is currently testing three Class 8 Peterbilt trucks in Arizona and has already achieved more than 15,000 Level 4 autonomous test miles using its computer vision system. Level 4 autonomy (on a scale of 1 to 5) doesn't require any action by a human driver and is widely considered the first level of "fully autonomous" driving. Chuck Price, TuSimple vice president of product, says the company's advanced vision system uses up to ten cameras in conjunction with sensors, GPS, three millimeter wave radar units and automated HD mapping to achieve a sensing range of up to 300 meters – three-times the range of standard LiDAR. "[LiDAR] is powerful in that you can get your perception problems solved very quickly … however, the perception quality of LiDAR is lower resolution and the sensor itself is very expensive and doesn't have the range that we can get from our [camera] sensor," he says. "We don't believe any competitors can launch a commercial product with a LiDAR solution.