You can have access to 5700 publications from Google Research right now.


Google Research is a division of Google that focuses on projects that are a little farther out there or require a particular type of domain expertise and they often launch products that make the world a better place. We can divide the research projects into two categories -- short-term, like improving the performance of some already existing product; vs long-term, where they are creating a new product/framework altogether, such as TensorFlow or self-driving cars. Google Research tackles challenges that define the technology of today and tomorrow, and you can have access to its research work as they publish it. Precisely you can access all the 5779 available publications (793 only in 2019) and get inspired, get informed, and learn from it. I'm using this impressive database of research to support me in the writing of my new book: Solving the Greatest Global Challenges with Artificial Intelligence that I plan to launch next March.

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