Fidel Castro-Supported Lung Cancer Vaccine To Be Tested In U.S. Clinical Trials

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Researchers Take First Steps Toward A Preventative Alzheimer's Pill FDA has approved an IND to conduct clinical trials with the Cuba-manufactured vaccine for non-small cell lung cancer. Today's death of Cuba's 90-year-old former totalitarian leader, Fidel Castro, is generating reflection of some of the positive aspects of science and healthcare to emerge under a Communist regime. But as the New York Times' Anthony DePalma wrote this morning, "His legacy in Cuba and elsewhere has been a mixed record of social progress and abject poverty, of racial equality and political persecution, of medical advances and a degree of misery comparable to the conditions that existed in Cuba when he entered Havana as a victorious guerrilla commander in 1959." One of those medical advances is a lung cancer vaccine called CIMAvax that is about to undergo clinical trials testing at Roswell Park Institute in Buffalo, New York. The immunotherapeutic isn't a vaccine in the conventional sense where the immune system is harnessed to attack the cancer itself.

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