Huawei P9 Review: A Smartphone As Good As The iPhone 6s But You Can't Buy It In The US, Yet

International Business Times 

The smartphone industry dismissed Huawei Technologies for years as just another low-price handset maker in China, churning out cheap plastic products to be rebranded and sold by operators under a different name. That all changed about three years ago, when Huawei decided it could do everything by itself. And the company has had huge success. While most of the rest of the industry was struggling last year, the firm grew its sales by 73 percent, cementing its position as the world's third-biggest smartphone maker behind Apple and Samsung Electronics -- all without any significant presence in North America aside from the Nexus 6P, which it launched in association with the Google unit of Alphabet last year. Huawei has also stated its bold ambition to overtake both its rivals in coming years, and after years of attempting to challenge the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S range, it may have the smartphone to do it: the Huawei P9.

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