Transcript: Transformers – Artificial Intelligence


My name is Kris Coratti. Thank you for joining us on this very rainy morning. I'm glad you all made it out. We are going to have a fascinating series of discussion this morning on artificial intelligence. This is the latest in our ongoing event series that we call "Transformers." And our speakers this morning are going to explore the regulatory questions around this technology. They going to look at how AI is reshaping the way we live and work. And they're going to discuss how to make sure this technology is used responsibly in the future. Before we begin, I just want to quickly thank our presenting sponsor for this even,, And so now I'd like to go ahead and welcome to the stage The Washington Post's Tony Romm and Senators Maria Cantwell and Todd Young. And for those who don't know, Senator Cantwell is a Democrat from Washington State. Both are members of a Senate commerce committee which touches on artificial intelligence and many tech issues that we'll talk about today.

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