Uber won't face criminal charges in deadly self-driving car crash, prosecutor says

FOX News 

Uber will not be held criminally liable in the fatal crash last year in Tempe, Arizona, in which a self-driving vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian, a county prosecutor announced Tuesday. Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk said Uber won't face criminal charges in the March 2018 crash -- believed to be the first fatality in the U.S. involving a self-driving vehicle. Polk said her office concluded that video of the crash likely didn't accurately depict the collision and recommended that Tempe police seek more evidence. DRIVER IN FATAL SELF-DRIVING UBER CRASH WAS WATCHING'THE VOICE,' INVESTIGATORS SAY It's not known whether prosecutors are considering charges against the driver. Dashcam video released by the Tempe Police Department last year showed an interior view of Uber backup driver Rafael Vasquez in the moments before the crash.

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