Feed your enemies to Dart from 'Stranger Things' with this oddly satisfying generator


If you've watched Stranger Things 2, you'll know what happens if you feed a wee baby Demogorgon. And while Dustin's pet food of choice was nougat, Netflix's new website is letting you feed your worst enemies to D'Artagnan, or Dart. SEE ALSO: Here's what that creepy'Stranger Things 2' ending means for Season 3 Built to promote the second season of Stranger Things, "Feed Dart" is a quick and easy little generator which lets you upload an image of your choice for Dart to munch on. Head to the website, where you'll find a hungry pre-back legs Dart hanging out. Upload an image of your choice, be it a friend, enemy, or someone you'd just like to see chomped by a future Demodog.