Businesses gaining value from artificial intelligence experimentation: Mindtree study - ET CIO


Organisations worldwide are achieving their vision to industrialise artificial intelligence (AI) but many can do more to gain real business value, according to findings of a recent survey by technology services and digital transformation company Mindtree. The survey, which gathered data from 650 global IT leaders from key business markets, found 85 per cent of organisations have a data strategy and 77 per cent have implemented some AI-related technologies in the workplace with 31 per cent already seeing major business value from their AI efforts. The study showed certain business functions such as sales (35 per cent) and marketing (32 per cent) gaining the most value from AI as it accelerates the delivery of improved customer experiences. The most popular technologies deployed by global organisations are machine learning (34 per cent), chatbots (34 per cent) and robotics (28 per cent). "The potential of AI to disrupt, transform and rebuild businesses is clearly felt in the C-Suite even if it is not yet fully understood," said Suman Nambiar, Head of Strategy, Partners and Offering for Digital at Mindtree.