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Whereas Russia and the United States (U.S.) competed in a traditional arms race through the Cold War, we are now observing a new combative arena where the U.S. government intends to compete with China in the advancement of Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI): a new arms race. IAI is defined as a government's motivation to economically invest and advance the commercialization of artificial intelligence within its society. This new arms race may be on the way after U.S. Senators Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and Rob Portman (R-OH) proposed the Artificial Intelligence Act. Believing that Chinese progression in AI technology may soon surpass and threaten American capabilities, the Act calls for a $2.2 billion federal investment strategy over five years in "research, development, demonstration, application to analysis and modeling, and other activities with respect to science and technology in artificial intelligence (AI)." The Act's bi-partisanship nature demonstrates the growing consensus among government officials surrounding the importance of IAI in protecting and bolstering American life against international interference.

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