Japan 1943: 'Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto dies a gallant death in action'

The Japan Times 

A brave little girl faced an armed robber who broke into the house of Naojiro Naito, a grocer of Nippori, a suburb of Tokyo, at midnight on the 29th of last month. The noise awoke the master of the house and the unwelcome visitor threatened him with a short sword and the usual phrase, "Your money or your life!" Fourteen-year-old Otsuru, the eldest daughter of the house, who was sleeping in the next room, ran up to the robber and appealed to him to save her father and instead take her own life. She entreated so pitifully that the rogue was moved by the affectionate and courageous little girl, and left the house without further molesting the family, carrying away ¥30 that Naito gave him. The robber was arrested on Monday morning while viewing the cherry flowers at Arakawa. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet, died a gallant death in a plane during an engagement with the enemy while personally directing the general strategic operations on the front line in April, it was revealed in an announcement issued by the Imperial headquarters on Friday.