MIT drone camera can move around to get the right angle

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Hollywood movies such as'Jurassic World' and'The Wolf of Wall Street' have used aerial track shots provided by drone helicopters with cameras. However, those shots require careful planning to avoid collisions, and separate operators for the drones and cameras. But MIT researchers have developed a camera-equipped, autonomous drone that can maintain a shot's framing - which figures or faces appear where - as people move, all while avoiding collisions. The drone allows, for example, a movie director to specify a shot's framing, and then while flying, it generates control signals for a camera-equipped autonomous drone, which preserve that framing as the actors move The new drone system will be presented at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation later this month. With the new drone system, users can specify how much of the screen a face or figure should occupy, what part of the screen it should occupy and what the camera's orientation towards the subject should be - straight on, profile, over the shoulder or other orientations.

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