Al Jazeera 

Saudi Arabia's decision to ease its blockade on Yemen does not go far enough, say aid and human rights groups pointing to the spectre of famine that looms over the impoverished Arabian Peninsula country. The kingdom has said it will ease its blockade on rebel-held parts of the country from Thursday and allow "urgent humanitarian and relief materials" to pass through the Red Sea port of Hodeidah and the capital's Sanaa international airport. Saudi Arabia, which has been conducting an air campaign in Yemen since 2015, intensified its embargo on the country on November 5, closing all of the country's land, sea and air ports after Houthi rebels fired a ballistic missile towards the capital, Riyadh. The kingdom said the blockade was a necessary precaution aimed at preventing weapons being smuggled into Yemen by its regional rival, Iran. Iran has rejected allegations of arming the Houthis, calling them "malicious, irresponsible, destructive and provocative".