Director Denis Villeneuve embraces the unknown with 'Arrival'

Los Angeles Times 

"At one point in my life I had to choose between mathematics and cinema," says "Arrival" director Denis Villeneuve, who sees a similarity in the two disciplines: problem-solving. When I'm talking to my editor, I start to draw equations, trying to understand the most pure way to express an idea." It's an approach that's resulted in the French Canadian's first Oscar nomination, one of eight for "Arrival" and its tender, enigmatic vision of alien visitation. On a recent busy weekend during a break from editing the hotly anticipated "Blade Runner" sequel, Villeneuve sat down to talk about a handful of mysteries: the vagaries of Oscar recognition, movie manipulation and the ways the real world re-contextualizes your film for you. Talk about receiving the news that you'd been nominated for a director Oscar.