Artificial Intelligence and Computational Law: Democratizing Cybersecurity Stanford Law School


A few years ago, I was invited to Minnesota Public Radio to speak about various legal issues related to cybersecurity. To my left was Bruce Schneier, a famous and respected cybersecurity researcher and prolific author. There wasn't much disagreement between us during the interview, though I recall emphasizing a bit more the FTC's cybersecurity efforts, noting that I thought they were doing a pretty good job in the current regulatory vacuum, building a de-facto common law as they went along. In his latest book, "Click Here to Kill Everybody," Schneier argues, among other things, that there is a systemic lack of security in all things computer (something he calls "Internet ", essentially an extension of IoT) and that what is needed to fix this is government intervention. Schneier's call for intervention comes in the form of a new government agency, one that has the ability to "coordinate and advise with other agencies" on the Internet .

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