Sr. Acoustic Modeling and Machine Learning Engineer - NeoSensory Jobs on AngelList


Tensor Flow, Theano, Torch, Kaldi, etc.) - 3 years experience in commercial R&D experience relating to acoustic/speech modeling and/or audio DSP - 2 years graduate-level academic research experience in acoustic/speech modeling and/or audio DSP Suggested experience: - Statistical and Audio Digital Signal Processing (Linear Systems) - Mathematical optimization (designing cost functions, adversarial/perceptual methods to improve audio quality, etc.) - Familiarity with hardware/embedded systems- - Linguistics and speech modeling Neosensory provides a competitive compensation package, stock options, benefits, and a fun work environment. We're located within a 5 min walk from the California Ave Caltrain station in a nice area of Palo Alto. We are also about to launch a second office in Houston, Texas. Team Neosensory is made of an awesome group of intellectual individuals who value hard work and enjoy sharing a diverse set of hobbies.