Artificial intelligence: eight tips for business leaders


The most important thing for executives is to just start engaging with AI today – tomorrow is not good enough," warns Shamus Rae, partner and head of digital disruption at KPMG UK. "Business leaders need to understand the capabilities of these new technologies and put in place an AI strategy that includes some clear self-challenge. This ensures that they don't get stuck in'play' mode and fail to make any tangible change to their operations or business model." Mr Rae predicts that, due to the common misconception of AI, "we will see some major missteps by household names failing to adapt fast enough". "Think hard about what problem in your business you want to solve, not with artificial intelligence but with data," advises Kim Nilsson, founder and chief executive of data science hub Pivigo. "The solution always needs to come from that intersection of where your business challenges overlap with available data sets.