In Trump, Echoes of Nixon's Constitutional Crisis

The New Yorker 

The public learned of the sabotage of Presidential election campaigns . . . of public money poured into the President's private property, of extortion and influence-peddling on a grand scale . . . . Millions of people at home and abroad believe that when the President called a nuclear alert he was toying with the survival of mankind in order to protect his own survival in office. . . . Meanwhile, the national life turns to farce. At the time that Schell was writing, the Watergate break-in was sixteen months in the past; Nixon wouldn't resign until nine months later, in August, 1974. We, meanwhile, are barely a hundred days into Donald Trump's Presidency. Who knows what the future will bring? In the meantime, you can read both of Schell's Comments, which have been newly unearthed from our archives, online: October 29 and November 12, 1973.

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