Starring Steve Buscemi as God, "Miracle Workers" Is Sappy, Juvenile, and Sharp All at Once

The New Yorker 

After death, it seems, fortunate mortals ascend to a plane of celestial mediocrity. "Congratulations on your completely random entry into Heaven," a functionary says on "Miracle Workers" (TBS), where the pearly gates resemble an elevator vestibule in an office park. The seven-episode comedy presents a vision of eternity as drudge work and office politics. Trolleys groan with interoffice envelopes at Heaven, Inc., as they trundle through a building with the profile of a chemical plant along the New Jersey Turnpike; the head of H.R.--or, rather, A.R., angel resources--is played by Angela Kinsey, from "The Office." The show depicts God's involvement in our world as the project of "an illiterate madman," managed from below by archangels.

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