The Workshop on Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence

AI Magazine 

The workshop was organized by Jack Minker and John McCarthy. The Program Committee members were Krzysztof Apt, John Horty, Sarit Kraus, Vladimir Lifschitz, John McCarthy, Jack Minker, Don Perlis, and Ray Reiter. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together researchers who use logic as a fundamental tool in AI to permit them to review accomplishments, assess future directions, and share their research in LBAI. This article is a summary of the workshop. The areas selected for discussion at the workshop were abductive and inductive reasoning, applications of theorem proving, commonsense reasoning, computational logic, constraints, logic and high-level robotics, logic and language, logic and planning, logic for agents and actions, logic of causation and action, logic, probability and decision theory, nonmonotonic reasoning, theories of belief, and knowledge representation.