Reports of the AAAI 2011 Conference Workshops

Agmon, Noa (University of Texas at Austin) | Agrawal, Vikas (Infosys Labs) | Aha, David W. (Naval Research Laboratory) | Aloimonos, Yiannis (University of Maryland, College Park) | Buckley, Donagh (EMC) | Doshi, Prashant (University of Georgia) | Geib, Christopher (University of Edinburgh) | Grasso, Floriana (University of Liverpool) | Green, Nancy (University of North Carolina Greensboro) | Johnston, Benjamin (University of Technology, Sydney) | Kaliski, Burt (VeriSign, Inc.) | Kiekintveld, Christopher (University of Texas at El Paso) | Law, Edith (Carnegie Mellon University) | Lieberman, Henry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Mengshoel, Ole J. (Carnegie Mellon University) | Metzler, Ted (Oklahoma City University) | Modayil, Joseph (University of Alberta) | Oard, Douglas W. (University of Maryland, College Park) | Onder, Nilufer (Michigan Technological University) | O'Sullivan, Barry (University College Cork) | Pastra, Katerina (Cognitive Systems Research Insitute) | Precup, Doina (McGill University) | Ramachandran, Sowmya (Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.) | Reed, Chris (University of Dundee) | Sariel-Talay, Sanem (Istanbul Technical University) | Selker, Ted (Carnegie Mellon University) | Shastri, Lokendra (Infosys Technologies Ltd.) | Smith, Stephen F. (Carnegie Mellon University) | Singh, Satinder (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor) | Srivastava, Siddharth (University of Wisconsin, Madison) | Sukthankar, Gita (University of Central Florida) | Uthus, David C. (Naval Research Laboratory) | Williams, Mary-Anne (University of Technology, Sydney)

AI Magazine 

The AAAI-11 workshop program was held Sunday and Monday, August 7–18, 2011, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco in San Francisco, California USA. The AAAI-11 workshop program included 15 workshops covering a wide range of topics in artificial intelligence. The titles of the workshops were Activity Context Representation: Techniques and Languages; Analyzing Microtext; Applied Adversarial Reasoning and Risk Modeling; Artificial Intelligence and Smarter Living: The Conquest of Complexity; AI for Data Center Management and Cloud Computing; Automated Action Planning for Autonomous Mobile Robots; Computational Models of Natural Argument; Generalized Planning; Human Computation; Human-Robot Interaction in Elder Care; Interactive Decision Theory and Game Theory; Language-Action Tools for Cognitive Artificial Agents: Integrating Vision, Action and Language; Lifelong Learning; Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition; and Scalable Integration of Analytics and Visualization. This article presents short summaries of those events.