An AI Framework to Teach English as a Foreign Language: CSIEC

AI Magazine 

Its multiple functions-- including grammar-based gap-filling exercises, scenario show, free chatting, and chatting on a given topic--can satisfy the various requirements for students with different backgrounds and learning abilities. After a brief explanation of the conception of the dialogue system, as well as a survey of related works, I will illustrate the system structure and describe its pedagogical functions with the underlying AI techniques, such as natural language processing and rulebased reasoning, in detail. I will summarize the free Internet usage within a six-month period and its integration into English classes in universities and middle schools. The evaluation findings about the class integration show that the chatting function has been improved and frequently utilized by users, and the application of the CSIEC system on English instruction can motivate learners to practice English and enhance their learning process. Finally, I will conclude with potential improvements.

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