An Ontology-Based Symbol Grounding System for Human-Robot Interaction

Beeson, Patrick (TRACLabs Inc.) | Kortenkamp, David (TRACLabs Inc.) | Bonasso, R. Peter (TRACLabs Inc.) | Persson, Andreas (Orebro University) | Loutfi, Amy (Orebro University) | Bona, Jonathan P. (State University of New York, Buffalo)

AAAI Conferences 

This paper presents an ongoing collaboration to develop a perceptual anchoring framework which creates and maintains the symbol-percept links concerning household objects. The paper presents an approach to non-trivialize the symbol system using ontologies and allow for HRI via enabling queries about objects properties, their affordances, and their perceptual characteristics as viewed from the robot (e.g. last seen). This position paper describes in brief the objective of creating a long term perceptual anchoring framework for HRI and outlines the preliminary work done this far.