Special Track on

AAAI Conferences 

This special track is devoted to showcasing the latest advances in the field of data mining research. Topics of interest include applications, such as intelligence analysis, genomics, bioinformatics and biometrics, medical and health industry, text, video, and multimedia mining, e-commerce, web, financial data analysis, intrusion detection, remote sensing, earth sciences, and astronomy; modeling algorithms such as hidden Markov models, decision trees, neural networks, or statistical methods and probabilistic methods; case studies in areas of application, or over different algorithms and approaches; feature extraction and selection; post-processing techniques such as visualization, summarization, or trending; preprocessing and data reduction; data engineering or warehousing; or other data mining research which is related to artificial intelligence. This year the special track received many quality submissions and, of these, accepted eight papers for presentation while three additional contributions were referred to the poster session. The majority of submissions dealt with improving well established algorithms, while a fraction of them took on new applications. Topics of papers presented at the conference reflect current trends in data mining, as follows.