How to Improve Multi-Agent Recommendations Using Data from Social Networks?

Lorenzi, Fabiana (Universidade Luterana do Brasil) | Fontanella, Bruno (Universidade Luterana do Brasil) | Prestes, Edson (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul) | Peres, Andre (Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

AAAI Conferences 

User profiles have an important role in multi-agent recommender systems. The information stored in them improves the system's generated recommendations. Multi-agent recommender systems learn from previous recommendations to update users' profiles and improving next recommendations according to the user feedback. However, when the user does not evaluate the recommendations the system may deliver poor recommendations in the future. This paper presents a mechanism that explores user information from social networks to update the user profile and to generate implicit evaluations on behalf of the user. The mechanism was validated with travel packages recommendations and some preliminary results illustrate how user information gathered from social networks may help to improve recommendations in multi-agent recommender systems.

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