A Logic-Based Methodology for the Formalization of Shikake Principles and Examples

Inclezan, Daniela (Texas Tech University)

AAAI Conferences 

Shikake is a design approach that proposes solving problems by inducing spontaneous behavior, rather than by relying on the use of extensive resources or expertise. This paper contributes to the study of Shikake principles and examples by describing a methodology for their formalization in the declarative, logic-based language of Answer Set Prolog (ASP). Modeling qualitative theories and principles such as Shikake in the precise language of ASP can play a significant role in indicating possible areas for their future refinement and improvement, as shown here. Our formalization is used in creating a system, SHASP, that can automatically determine if a design is a Shikake or not, as illustrated by two examples and one counterexample.

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