Grounding the Meaning of Symbols on the System's Experience Pei Wang

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NARS is an intelligent reasoning system, whose interaction with its environment can be described as a stream of input sentences in a formally defined language and a stream of output sentences in the same language. These two streams are called the system's "experience" and "responses", respectively (Wang, 1994; Wang, 1995a; Wang, 1995b). Each sentence in the language represents an inheritance relation between two terms. By definition, a sentence "S C P" indicates that the subject term "S" is in the extension of the predicate term "P", and "P" is in the intension of "S". Because the relation "C" is defined to be reflexive and transitive, "S C P" also indicates that "S" inherits the intension of "P", and "P" inherits the extension of "S".

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