Closing the Loop between Motion Planning and Task Execution Using Real-Time GPU-Based Planners

Pan, Jia (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) | Manocha, Dinesh (University of North Carolina,&nbsp)

AAAI Conferences 

Many task execution techniques tend to repeatedly invoke motion planning algorithms in order to perform complex tasks. In order to accelerate the perform of such methods, we present a real-time global motion planner that utilizes the computational capabilities of current many-core GPUs (graphics processing units). Our approach is based on randomized sample-based planners and we describe highly parallel algorithms to generate samples, perform collision queries, nearest-neighbor computations, local planning and graph search to compute collision-free paths for rigid robots. Our approach can efficiently solve the single-query and multiquery versions of the planning problem and can obtain one to two orders of speedup over prior CPU-based global planning algorithms. The resulting GPU-based planning algorithm can also be used for real-time feedback for task execution in challenging scenarios.

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