Application of Recent Episodic Memory Function for Preparing and Presenting Topics of Group Conversation Supported by Coimagination Method

Otuki, Yusuke (Chiba University)

AAAI Conferences 

There is not much evaluation technique of coimagination method, which is one of the group conversation techniques have been proposed for the purpose of cognitive function training. As one of the indicator of usefulness of cognitive function training, episodic memory is usable. Therefore we have proposed an analytical method for measuring the utilization of episodic memory in coimaginaiton method. Thereafter, We conducted the experiment of group conversation base on walking around in order to give the common experience to the participants, and analyzed the results by the proposed method. In consequence, it is revealed the occurrence of past episodic memory. Furthermore, it indicates individual difference of episodic memory utilization quantitatively in terms of memory taxonomy.

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