Structure Editors and Autonomous Agents

Card, Alexander (North Carolina State University)

AAAI Conferences 

Rational agents are becoming prevalent in many domains, from data analysis to entertainment and games. The increased prevalence of agents has evolved new tools and techniques to work with and design new agents. One such technique is system simulation. Systems simulation is a technique an author can use to imitate tasks, processes, or systems, and in particular, agents. Systems simulation has a variety of uses, ranging from simulating ecological systems to entertainment, such as interactive narratives and digital games. However, many system simulators use specialized programming languages and require prior programming experience. This causes a disconnect between individuals with limited programming experience who wish to use the simulation tools, and the software itself. New users may find the specialized languages daunting, and the initial learning process too intense for the anticipated reward. This research strives to bridge the gap between system simulation tools and users with little to no programming experience. Future work includes a corpus of narrative and autonomous agent creation tools designed for users with little to no programming experience.