Zese, Riccardo (University of Ferrara)

AAAI Conferences 

The last years have seen an exponential increase in the interest for the development of methods for combining probability with Description Logics (DLs). These methods are very useful to model real world domains, where incompleteness and uncertainty are common. This combination has become a fundamental component of the Semantic Web.Our work started with the development of a probabilistic semantics for DL, called DISPONTE, that applies the distribution semantics to DLs. Under DISPONTE we annotate axioms of a theory with a probability, that can be interpreted as the degree of our belief in the corresponding axiom, and we assume that each axiom is independent of the others. Several algorithms have been proposed for supporting the development of the Semantic Web. Efficient DL reasoners, such us Pellet, are able to extract implicit information from the modeled ontologies. Despite the availability of many DL reasoners, the number of probabilistic reasoners is quite small. We developed BUNDLE, a reasoner based on Pellet that allows to compute the probability of queries.