Stereoscopic Reconstruction Of Retina Images Based On Angiographic And Laser-Scan Ophthalmoscopic Images

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Helder J. Araujo Rufino Silva Jose F. Abreu Dept. of Electrical Engineering Dept. of Ophthalmology Dept. of Ophthalmology University of Coimbra University Hospital University Hospital 3000 Coimbra 3000 Coimbra 3000 Coimbra Portugal Portugal Portugal Jose G. CunhaoVaz Dept. of Ophthalmology University Hospital 3000 Coimbra Portugal Introduction?here are several imaging devices that enable the acquiition of images from the human retina. In this paper we tart by considering the images obtained by means of ngiography. Stereoscopic (3D) reconstruction is first erformed by using only angiographic images. Next he combination and fusion of information from both ngiographic and laser-scan ophthalmoscopic images is)nsidered in order to overcome a number of difficules associated with the processing of the angiographic nages. From the medical point of view the 3D reconstrucon and quantification of anatomical structures in the uman retina is important for the evaluation of sev-:al pathologies.

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