Treatment Protocol System for Telemedicine in a Wireless Communication Environment

AAAI Conferences 

There are many situations in which patients require urgent treatment that cannot be provided locally from physicians, such as casualties in a battlefield environment. In such situations, patients are often in emergency condition and time is a critical factor for them. We propose a treatment protocol delivery system for telemedicine that can help solve such problems by providing medics or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) with therapeutic plans for patient along with remote c nsultation from specialized physicians at the base hospital. The Treatment Protocol System is designed to provide treatment pluns that can be tailored for specific patients when access is provided to the patient's medical record or to information from patientmonitoring equipment. With recent mobile telecommunication technology such information can be exchanged in real-time between the base site and the remote site (Pavlopoulos et al. 1998). The Treatment Protocol System is designed to work in both wireless and face-to-face environments. Our Treatment Protocol System is influenced by the treatment protocol system produced by Tsai (1990) for the MEDAS project (Trace et al. 1990).