Playable Experiences at AIIDE 2017

Treanor, Mike (American University) | Warren, Nicholas (University of California, Santa Cruz) | Reed, Mason (University of California, Santa Cruz) | Smith, Adam M. (University of California, Santa Cruz) | Ortiz, Pablo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Coney, Laurel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Sherman, Loren (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Carré, Elizabeth ( Massachusetts College of Art and Design ) | Vivatvisha, Nadya ( Harvard University ) | Harrell, D. Fox (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Mardo, Paola ( University of Southern California ) | Gordon, Andrew (University of Southern California) | Dormans, Joris (Ludomotion) | Robison, Barrie (Polymorphic Games) | Gomez, Spencer (University of Idaho) | Heck, Samantha (University of Idaho) | Wright, Landon (University of Idaho) | Soule, Terence (University of Idaho)

AAAI Conferences 

This paper describes the accepted entries to the fifth Playable Experiences track to be held at the AIIDE conference. The Playable Experiences track showcases complete works that make use of artificial intelligence techniques as an integral part of the player experience.