RADMAX: Risk and Deadline Aware Planning for Maximum Utility

Chen, Jingkai (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Fang, Cheng (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Muise, Christian (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Shrobe, Howard (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Williams, Brian C. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) | Yu, Peng (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

AAAI Conferences 

Current network approaches aim to maximize network utilization when routing flows. While such approaches are fast and usually result in acceptable behavior, existing methods are not mission aware. There is no concept of utility maximization, no capability to handle flows with specified deadlines and loss requirements, and no guarantees over the probability of network saturation. In the presence of network degradation due to attacks, there is no guarantee that important flows will be properly transported. In this paper, we present RADMAX, a system for Risk And Deadline Aware Planning for Maximum Utility based on constraint programming, which allows us to handle higher level mission specifications. We show the correctness of RADMAX with respect to loss and delay bounds, provide results for the optimality of RADMAX with respect to the mission utility, and review current results on computational performance.