Machine Learning Promoting Extreme Simplification of Spectroscopy Equipment

Lee, Jianchao, Duan, Qiannan, Bi, Sifan, Luo, Ruen, Lian, Yachao, Liu, Hanqiang, Tian, Ruixing, Chen, Jiayuan, Ma, Guodong, Gao, Jinhong, Xu, Zhaoyi Machine Learning 

The spectroscopy measurement is one of main pathways for exploring and understanding the nature. Today, it seems that racing artificial intelligence will remould its styles. The algorithms contained in huge neural networks are capable of substituting many of expensive and complex components of spectrum instruments. In this work, we presented a smart machine learning strategy on the measurement of absorbance curves, and also initially verified that an exceedingly-simplified equipment is sufficient to meet the needs for this strategy. Further, with its simplicity, the setup is expected to infiltrate into many scientific areas in versatile forms.

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