Using ConceptNet to Teach Common Sense to an Automated Theorem Prover

Schon, Claudia, Siebert, Sophie, Stolzenburg, Frieder Artificial Intelligence 

In recent years, numerous benchmarks for commonsense reasoning have been presented which cover different areas: the Choice of Plausible Alternatives Challenge (COP A) [17] requires causal reasoning in everyday situations, the Winograd Schema Challenge [8] addresses difficult cases of pronoun disambiguation, the TriangleCOP A Challenge [9] focuses on human relationships and emotions, and the Story Cloze Test with the ROCStories Corpora [11] focuses on the ability to determine a plausible ending for a given short story, to name just a few. In our system, we focus on the COP A challenge where each problem consists of a problem description (the premise), a question, and two answer candidates (called alternatives). See Figure 1 for an example. Most approaches tackling these problems are based on machine learning or exploit statistical properties of the natural language input (see e.g.