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These are the 5 best Amazon deals you can get right now


Save on things for your home and more. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA Today's newsroom and any business incentives. We all want a good deal right? Some of us will casually browse the sale sections while others will intensely hunt for coupons.

Singtel and Optus make 5G AR call with Ericsson and Oppo


Singtel and its Australian subsidiary Optus have announced making an Australia-to-Singapore 5G augmented reality (AR) video call using technology from Ericsson and Oppo. The call was made using an Oppo prototype device powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem. "AR provides users with a more inclusive form of communication, opening up new possibilities for enterprises, ranging from mobile collaboration between experts in different locations [to] on-the-job training, to remote assistance," Optus and Singtel said. According to Optus CEO Allen Lew, the call is "another step in our commitment to lead 5G delivery in Australia". "This call is a significant marker in our journey to 5G as we develop a robust 5G ecosystem to ensure that our enterprise and consumer customers will enjoy an enhanced connectivity experience," Singtel CTO Mark Chong added.

Sonos, Dyson vacuums, LG 4K TVs, Instant Pot, Roomba, and more on sale for Feb. 21


Ever get bored at work? While this pilot is clearly bored while flying an airplane, for those stuck at a desk there's a simple answer to workday doldrums. Shop these amazing deals we found on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Macy's and get the pick-me-up you need. We've rounded up the best deals on 4K TVs and accessories from Toshiba, LG, and Sonos, home products to get your household in order from Dyson and Keurig, and Amazon smart home devices and tablets for kids and adults alike. Scroll down to shop all of the best deals from across the internet for Thursday, Feb. 21: Save $80 on the Toshiba 32-inch 720p HD Fire TV Edition (priced at $99.99) on Amazon, while you can save $150 on the Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series blender (priced at $599.99) from Macy's.

r/MachineLearning - [D] How do you do pruning?


Hi everybody, so i wanted to learn to do pruning in deep neural network (specifically on Tensorflow), but the only thing i have found is the library of tensorflow, that it relies in applying masks to the different operations. So i wanted to ask which method have you used, for example, i tried to modify the cpkt files that have the weights of the network, but i haven't found a correct way to do it.

Machine Learning Engineer vs. Data Scientist--Who Does What? - AI Trends


The roles of machine learning engineer vs. data scientist are both relatively new and can seem to blur. However, if you parse things out and examine the semantics, the distinctions become clear. While a scientist needs to fully understand the, well, science behind their work, an engineer is tasked with building something. But before we go any further, let's address the difference between machine learning and data science. It starts with having a solid definition of artificial intelligence.

The Fastest Path to Object Detection on Tensorflow Lite


Upgrade Android Studio (I have version 3.3). Download Bazel just as Google tells you to. However, you don't need MSYS2 if you already have other things like Git Shell -- or maybe I already have MinGW somewhere, or who knows. Upgrade Android Studio (I have version 3.3). Download Bazel just as Google tells you to.

Q&A with leaders of Intel's MESO chip: 'This will happen faster than you think'


Intel is working on a new transistor called MESO that could be 10 to 30 times more efficient than existing transistors, a potential game-changer for the industry (see our main article here). It could help solve many of the world's biggest problems, spurring AI efforts that could help everything from fighting climate change to improving waste management. We interviewed Intel's Amir Khosrowshahi, CTO of AI, and Ian Young, Senior Fellow and circuit designer and lead researcher on the MESO project. Khosrowshahi, who is supposed to be focused on product development and thus on projects with impact within the next 2 to 5 years, says he's more excited about MESO than any other project right now -- even though it could take 10 years to get to market. Young's team wrote a paper about MESO for Nature, published in December.

My journey applying AI to horse racing – Towards Data Science


My journey into machine learning began in the summer of 2016. It all started at a barbecue party at the home of my fiancé's aunt and uncle's in northern Stockholm. I was sitting outside at a garden table together with the older men of her family. These are old and tough Finish men, her granddad (96 years old) fought in the war against the Russians. As you can imagine, as the new kid on the block, I was keeping a low profile and my mouth shut.

Artificial intelligence set to flower in the classroom - Education Technology


The challenge for the teacher is delivering a lesson that caters to the 30 different students. Some will engage better with visual stimulus, others will respond to group activities. Yet, given the nature of classroom teaching, in this scenario the educator has to decide what teaching method will work best for the greatest number of students. Most people who work in the education sector would see the above scenario as an inevitable reality of teaching in a classroom. Schools in the UK do not have an infinite amount of resources to draw upon – in fact, according to a survey by the National Education Union, 55% of teachers saw their class sizes increase between April 2017 and April 2018. Moreover, half of the education professionals surveyed reported teaching posts being cut. With the number of students in the classroom rising, the idea of teachers delivering tailored lessons that cater to the learning needs of each individual pupil seems far-fetched. Yet, in reality, we are much closer than people might think, thanks to some of the exciting innovations unfolding in the AI industry.

Why driverless cars may mean jams tomorrow


THE most distractingly unrealistic feature of most science fiction--by some margin--is how the great soaring cities of the future never seem to struggle with traffic. Whatever dystopias lie ahead, futurists seem confident we can sort out congestion. If hope that technology will fix traffic springs eternal, history suggests something different. Transport innovation, from railways to cars, reshaped cities and drove economic advance. But it also brought crowded commutes.