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Computer Scientists Close In on Perfect, Hack-Proof Code


In the summer of 2015 a team of hackers attempted to take control of an unmanned military helicopter known as Little Bird. The helicopter, which is similar to the piloted version long-favored for US special operations missions, was stationed at a Boeing facility in Arizona. The hackers had a head start: At the time they began the operation, they already had access to one part of the drone's computer system. From there, all they needed to do was hack into Little Bird's onboard flight-control computer, and the drone was theirs. When the project started, a "Red Team" of hackers could have taken over the helicopter almost as easily as it could break into your home Wi-Fi.

5 things you didn't know about Amazon's Alexa

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

Columnist Marc Saltzman explains some less well-known features of Amazon's digital assistant. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. Columnist Marc Saltzman explains some less well-known features of Amazon's digital assistant.

Apple Reportedly Testing Amazon Echo Rival Prototype Running Siri

International Business Times

Apple appears to be relying on Siri to take on Amazon's Alexa-enabled Echo speaker system. The Cupertino giant is said have spent two years of research and development in making its own smart speaker technology, with Bloomberg reporting that prototypes are currently being tested. Apple's speaker system is reportedly designed to complement smart home devices that are powered by Siri. Hence, it is poised to be a worthy competitor to Amazon Echo, which turned out to be very popular among consumers. Should Apple's plan push through, the Siri-enabled speaker system would be the second new hardware offering from the company following its venture into the wearable market with its own smartwatch, the Apple Watch.

Beginning Machine Learning with Keras and TensorFlow


In fact this one is very special. Every now and then there comes a field of technology that strikes us as being especially exciting. With all the latest accomplishments in the field of artificial intelligence it's really hard not to get excited about AI. Companies such as Google, NVIDIA or are using neural networks to train cars that know how to drive themselves. Apps such as PRISMA are using AI to create artwork from photography that is inspired by real artists.

IBM/NVIDIA Launch Linux-Based Servers for Machine Learning


International Business Machines Corporation IBM has launched a new lineup of Linux-based servers that it built in collaboration with NVIDIA Corporation NVDA . The servers have been specifically designed to speed up artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and machine learning as well as to boost the efficiency of data centers. The new lineup of servers is powered by two IBM Power8 CPUs along with four Tesla P100 GPU accelerators manufactured by NVIDIA. The reason behind the high speed performance of these servers is that they also use NVIDIA's NVLink high-speed interface, which acts as a bridge between the CPU and GPU. This enables faster communication than a common PCIe bus found on a desktop computer.

IEEE IEEE Smart Tech Signature Event: Crystal City, VA, USA br /


Speaker: Richard E. Fairley, PhD, Principal Associate of Software and Systems Engineering Associates (S2EA) View bio (PDF, 228 KB) This full-day presentation will cover practical applications of systems engineering processes and methods as documented in SEBoK and 15288. SEBOK is the guide to the systems engineering body of knowledge; 15288 is the ISO/IEC/IEEE standard 15288:2015 for system engineering processes. Examples and case studies will be used to illustrate processes, methods, and techniques for developing purposefully engineered systems. In addition, the problems that arise when systems engineers and software engineers work together will be covered, as will approaches that can be used to mitigate those problems. This presentation is intended for those who are, or will be, involved in development or modification of a multidisciplinary engineered system and others who wish to learn more about systems engineering when software is a system element.

Big data, AI – and the need to stay human


Futurist Gerd Leonhard has argued that we are at a crossroads. We have to decide what form our technology will take in the coming decades. Will we change it, or will it change us? If things continue in their current direction, it is our ever more powerful technology that will shape us – the machines will control their creators. Already we are seeing the psychological and physical effects of constant connection to the internet.

Toward an Integration of Deep Learning and Neuroscience


Neuroscience has focused on the detailed implementation of computation, studying neural codes, dynamics and circuits. In machine learning, however, artificial neural networks tend to eschew precisely designed codes, dynamics or circuits in favor of brute force optimization of a cost function, often using simple and relatively uniform initial architectures. Two recent developments have emerged within machine learning that create an opportunity to connect these seemingly divergent perspectives. First, structured architectures are used, including dedicated systems for attention, recursion and various forms of short- and long-term memory storage. Second, cost functions and training procedures have become more complex and are varied across layers and over time.

You and A.I. Living with robots TiltMN


Public perception of A.I. and robots has changed often in the last 100 years. A.I. robots have been represented in pop culture as both friendly helpers like Wall-E, and sentient computer killers like HAL 9000. But now that actual homes and automobiles run on smart technology, it's no longer just pop culture. As robots are starting to look an awful lot like humans, science fiction is starting to look a lot less like fiction. If true A.I. (i.e. a machine/robot as smart and with behavior capabilities as skillful and flexible as ours) becomes a reality, is a world where humans have been replaced as dominant species nigh?