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The Amazing Ways YouTube Uses Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


There are more than 1.9 billion users logged in to YouTube every single month who watch over a billion hours of video every day. With this number of users, activity, and content, it makes sense for YouTube to take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help operations. Here are a few ways YouTube, owned by Google, uses artificial intelligence today. In the first quarter of this year, 8.3 million videos were removed from YouTube, and 76% were automatically identified and flagged by artificial intelligence classifiers. More than 70% of these were identified before there were any views by users.

Singularity: how governments can halt the rise of unfriendly, unstoppable super-AI


The invention of an artificial super-intelligence has been a central theme in science fiction since at least the 19th century. From E.M. Forster's short story The Machine Stops (1909) to the recent HBO television series Westworld, writers have tended to portray this possibility as an unmitigated disaster. But this issue is no longer one of fiction. Prominent contemporary scientists and engineers are now also worried that super-AI could one day surpass human intelligence (an event known as the "singularity") and become humanity's "worst mistake". Current trends suggest we are set to enter an international arms race for such a technology.

Testing Sentinel, the Smart System for Managing Railway Lines


The project, which began in July 2016, aimed to integrate a data-capturing device into maintenance vehicles for railway lines and feed a database with a corresponding system of geographical information. That way, it can update an automatic or semi-automatic inventory of railway assets, at the same time as it reviews and evaluates parts of the railway, thereby optimizing maintenance operations. Its development has drawn on technology related to Industry 4.0, including big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and artificial vision, models and simulations, European GNSS, and satellites. The prototype's validation tests, which were done in April 2018 on the high-speed Amussafes – Javea line and then in November of the same year on the high-speed Madrid – Chamartín y Torrejón de Velasco line which is currently under construction, consisted in integrating Lidar systems (which obtain 3D maps and images of the railway though dynamic scans by using technology called mobile mapping systems), GPS, cameras, and high-precision recorders, lighting… All this allowed digitalizing this new infrastructure at a traveling speed of 80 km/h on a maintenance vehicle equipped for the tests.

Artificial Intelligence Training


Achieving an Artificial Intelligence certification exemplifies your expertise, commitment and can advance your career. AI is the most trending IT Technologies today and choosing AI career path is the right choice one can make.

OpenAI Just Released an Even Scarier Fake News-Writing Algorithm


OpenAI, the AI company that Elon Musk founded and then quit has just released a more powerful version of its AI text-writing software. The company still won't release their full software - that can be used to write fake news and messages en masse - due to fears it might be misused. OpenAI says its text-writing system is so advanced it can write news stories and even fiction that passes as human. A user can feed the system text - anything from a few sentences to pages of it - and the system will then continue that same text in an uncannily well-written, contextually relevant, human style. However, after releasing its original system, GPT-2, in February, the company said the full software was too dangerous to release to the public - a weaker version was made available.

Mind meld: Artificial intelligence is improving the way humans think


LIKE other human champions facing a machine opponent, Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz rated his chances. "A realistic goal would be 4-1 in," he my favour told an interviewer before the match. One of the world's best players of video game StarCraft II, Komincz was at the height of a successful esports career. Artificial intelligence company DeepMind invited him to face its latest AI, a StarCraft II-playing bot called AlphaStar, on 19 December 2018. Komincz was expected to be a tough opponent.

Artificial intelligence app helps banana farmers detect TR4 disease


The app can detect Fusarium wilt, Xanthomonas wilt, bunchy top disease, black sigatoka, yellow sigatoka, and corm weevil. Fusarium Tropical race 4 fungus (TR4) has decimated banana plantations and smallholders' crops in Asia and Africa and has now spread to Latin America. Last week, Colombian officials officially confirmed the presence of TR4 in La Guajira province, declaring a state of national emergency as a result. Developed with support from Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), the AI-powered tool is built into an app called Tumaini – Swahili for'hope' – that allows farmers to take action quickly, thus preventing a widespread outbreak. The information is also uploaded to a global system that allows for large-scale monitoring.

Symphony AI and the Future of Accountancy report


Senior figures from top UK and International accounting firms took part in our first AI and the Future of Accountancy report. There's a lot of hype surrounding AI and we wanted to cut through the noise to get a real sense of what is happening in the industry. So, we embarked on this journey to gain a deeper understanding of the future requirements of AI (artificial intelligence) within leading accountancy firms. Our report is a must have read for accountancy firms to gain insight into AI's role in the future of accounting. The following key factors have been identified which we've addressed in our report: Our CEO, Brian Coventry, comments: "We see AI playing a strategic role in two ways – firstly automating key processes and secondly in creating a technology layer which predicts outcomes in relation to opportunities and risks that may exist or emerge for your clients and your employees. "However, the lead time to go from zero awareness to competence is often longer than the time available to respond to a competitive threat and to meet market opportunity.

Perspecta Labs to Provide Advanced Photonic Edge Artificial Intelligence Compact Hardware Research for DARPA


Perspecta Inc. announced that its innovative applied research arm, Perspecta Labs, was awarded a prime contract from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to provide Photonic Edge AI Compact Hardware (PEACH) research under DARPA's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Exploration program. The contract, which represents new work for the company, has a total value of $1 million and work will be performed over 18 months. The goal of the PEACH program is to research and develop novel AI processing architectures in combination with innovative photonic hardware to enable breakthrough AI functionality with significant reduction in hardware complexity, latency and power consumption. Perspecta Labs will create a novel multiple-loop, delay-line reservoir computing architecture, an algorithm for specific emitter identification, and a scalable prototype hardware design in combination with innovative photonic hardware. "Perspecta Labs will draw on its rich portfolio of research and development in AI, photonics, radio frequency (RF) analytics, and systems engineering to deliver this work," said Petros Mouchtaris, Ph.D., president of Perspecta Labs.

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