On Seeing Robots


. It is argued that Situated Agents should be designed using a unitaryon-line computational model. The Constraint Net model of Zhang and Mackworth satisfiesthat requirement. Two systems for situated perception built in our laboratory are describedto illustrate the new approach: one for visual monitoring of a robot’s arm, the other forreal-time visual control of multiple robots competing and cooperating in a dynamic world.First proposal for robot soccer.Proc. VI-92, 1992. later published in a book Computer Vision: System, Theory, and Applications, pages 1-13, World Scientific Press, Singapore, 1993.

AAAI 1991 Spring Symposium Series Reports

AI Magazine

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence held its 1991 Spring Symposium Series on March 26-28 at Stanford University, Stanford, California. This article contains short summaries of the eight symposia that were conducted: Argumentation and Belief, Composite System Design, Connectionist Natural Language Processing, Constraint-Based Reasoning, Implemented Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Systems, Integrated Intelligent Architectures, Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning, and Machine Learning of Natural Language and Ontology.