Greenbox Robotics' CBD-Dispensing Robot Makes Its New York City Debut


CBD-dispensing robots have arrived in New York City with the debut of Greenbox Robotics' artificial intelligence-powered robots at CBD and wellness shop Come Back Daily. Founder Zack Johnson hopes his AI robots will not only boost business and speed up sales at retail shops and dispensaries, but also educate customers about hemp compound CBD. "The customers will walk up to our fully integrated touch screen," Johnson explained. "When they click on the actual product, they'll get as much information as the manufacturer of that product provides, so they can make an educated decision as to which product makes the most sense for their needs, as well as learn what is CBD and how it can help their everyday lives." The robot seems like it was made for Instagram ー and that's no mistake ー but beyond its mass appeal, Johnson hopes the robot will help dispensaries and retail shops attract and educate customers, while providing major marketing for brands and shopping data to help shops, brands, and Greenbox keep tabs on the latest trends.

Getting People to Exercise: Will Robots Be the Answer?


We were on vacation in a town near a major summer music venue when we were somewhat startled by the number of tourists in their 70s, 80s, and older walking extremely slowly, often holding onto the arm of a companion (or their walkers) for support. Indeed, one large parking lot was reserved for cars with handicap stickers, and large golf carts took their occupants to the performance hall. Was the slow, somewhat tentative movements of these concert goers and others strolling the streets of the nearby town an inevitable consequence of aging? Or was it the inevitable consequence of a sedentary, exercise-avoidant lifestyle? The decline in muscular strength, stamina, respiratory capacity, balance, and loss of muscle is a well-described consequence of aging.

The Future Has Arrived. Want Proof? Check Out These Amazing Robotic Exoskeletons Digital Trends


From Aliens' Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader (that's the "Power Loader" to you and I) through the Combat Jackets from Edge of Tomorrow to Tony Stark's Iron Man armor, science fiction is full of cool assistive robot exosuits. But real life is catching up with sci-fi. With one-time imaginary concepts like delivery robots, self-driving cars, rockets that land vertically and A.I. assistants all part of our lives to some extend, how much longer until wearable robots are everyday occurrences as well? Not long, if any of these amazing wearable robot projects have anything to say about it. A lot of the best robot exosuits in movies and video games are designed with military application in mind.

UNH robot ship is part of latest search for aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart


A robotic ship from the University of New Hampshire's Marine School that can map the ocean floor is part of the latest effort to find out what happened to famed pilot Amelia Earhart, who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean eight decades ago. The autonomous vessel, known as BEN, the Bathymetric Explorer and Navigator, will be mapping the seafloor near the island where Earhart sent her last radio transmission. The area is too deep for divers and too shallow for safe navigation by deep-water sonar systems. Maps produced by BEN will be used to target later dives by remotely operated vehicles, searching for remnants of Earhart's plane. The work is part of the mission led by oceanographer Robert Ballard, best known for finding the wreck of the Titanic, to look into the disappearance of Earhart in 1937.

'MacGyver'-like robot can build own tools by assessing form, function of supplies


Thanks to new technology that enables them to create simple tools, robots may be on the verge of their own version of the Stone Age. Using a novel capability to reason about shape, function, and attachment of unrelated parts, researchers have for the first time successfully trained an intelligent agent to create basic tools by combining objects. The concept may sound familiar. It's called "MacGyvering," based off the name of a 1980s--and recently rebooted--television series. In the series, the title character is known for his unconventional problem-solving ability using differing resources available to him.

Russia's space agency releases eerie footage of human-like android Fedor

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Russia's space agency has released eerie footage of its human-like android which will board the International Space Station next week. Nicknamed Fedor - which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Research - the anthropomorphous machine was seen undergoing a battery of stress-tests at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Dubbed Putin's robo-naut, the machine can be seen determining targets and honing in on specific points, such as steering wheels, which will surely come in handy while they're in orbit. The scenes come ahead of its inclusion on the unmanned Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft on 22 August 2019. 'MMA fighter' loses temper and battles two revellers at once In action: Dubbed Putin's robo-naut, the machine can be seen determining targets and honing in on specific points, such as steering wheels, which will surely come in handy while they're in orbit On time: Putin's deputy premier, Dmitry Rogozin, claimed the war in Syria had shown Russia the importance of robots in difficult environments, and promised Fedor would make its space debut in five years - a deadline it will soon meet Fedor stands 6-foot tall, weighs no less than 233 pounds depending on extra equipment, and can lift up to 44 pounds of cargo.

The Nuneaton car park where the cars will park themselves


As the journey towards self-driving cars gathers pace the first facility in the UK to develop self-parking cars is under construction in Warwickshire. 'Trusted Autonomous Parking' (Park-IT) is being created by Nuneaton-based global engineering firm, HORIBA MIRA, in partnership with Coventry University. The project will see the creation of a multi-storey car park, on-road parking bays and parking lot environments at the MIRA Proving Ground. Once complete the facility will provide real-world parking situations to support the development of self-parking cars. The parking areas will be co-located in the HORIBA MIRA City Circuit, a safe, comprehensible and fully controllable purpose-built'cityscape' test track environment.

Focus on Human Control – International Panel on the Regulation of Autonomous Weapons (iPRAW)


In this report, iPRAW picked up considerations on human control from previous iPRAW reports, linked them to IHL requirements and identified remaining conceptual questions. In particular we discussed requirements for human control from IHL, the link between human decision making and the IHL concept of'attack', and the influence of the operational context on the implementation of human control.

Another Tesla Model 3 crashes into a truck, reportedly while on Autopilot

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Driving a Tesla might be the closest thing we have to driving a car from the future… But turns out, thieves are not really into them, or electric cars in general. A Tesla vehicle reportedly burst into flames on the side of a Russian highway over the weekend after colliding with a tow truck, once again raising safety concerns over the automaker's semi-autonomous driving system known as Autopilot. This comes on the heels of other accidents involving Tesla vehicles on Autopilot crashing into stationary cars on the road. Reuters reported on Sunday that the Tesla Model 3 driver told local media that Autopilot was active during the crash. The driver, identified as Alexei Tretyakov, also said he was still holding the steering wheel when the incident occurred.

China's Neolix to trial autonomous vehicles in Saudi, UAE - Reuters


DUBAI (Reuters) - China's Neolix has signed a preliminary agreement with Middle East e-commerce company noon to trial autonomous vehicles in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Neolix will build driverless vehicles customised to the region's weather conditions, where temperatures can soar above 50 degrees Celsius in the summer, noon said in a statement on Tuesday. Noon, a joint venture between Saudi Arabia's sovereign Public Investment Fund and Dubai billionaire Mohamed Alabbar, will focus on'last mile delivery' of the vehicles in select areas of Abu Dhabi and Dubai over the next few weeks, the company added. It did not give trial dates for Saudi Arabia. Neolix and noon signed the agreement during the state visit of Emirati crown prince Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan to China.