New Volvo will detect if its driver has drunk alcohol and slow down if they have

Daily Mail

Volvo is to install technology in its self-driving cars that can detect if the driver is drunk. The Swedish carmaker said that from next year all new vehicles will have cameras and sensors to spot if the motorist is showing signs of being over the limit. Cars will slow down by before ringing the Volvo call centre where a member of the customer service will speak to the driver and take over the car if necessary. The self-driving vehicle may even park the car by itself if the driver is unresponsive. The new safety features are part of the manufacturers pledge to eliminate all passenger deaths.

Humans make the same call as self-driving cars 75% of the time when presented with the same data

Daily Mail

Humans see things in a very similar way to computers, according to a study which quizzed people on images and asked them to'think like a machine'. Participants were shown blurry images and asked to choose between A or B of what they assumed the AI may have picked up. They found that 75 per cent of the time humans and machines picked the same answer, showing that both can be equally tricked. The findings demonstrate how advances in artificial intelligence continue to narrow the gap between the visual abilities of people and machines. Computers, like those that power self-driving cars, can be tricked into mistaking random scribbles for trains, fences and even school busses.

Scientists develop robot translator that lets bees and fish 'talk' to each other for the first time

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Fish and bees can now speak to each each other via a'walkie talkie' system, scientists have shown. Communication system between two separate species colonies was made possible using specially designed mini robots and terminals. Tiny terminals were embedded in a colony of bees and a robotic swimming fish was planted among a shoal of fish. Signals from the two physically separated colonies were then translated into a language that each species could understand. The terminal inside the bees' colony communicated with each other using fluctuating air temperature, movement, and vibrations, while the robot'spy' in the school of fish changed its color, speed, and movements.

Self-driving shuttles are coming to New York City this year

Daily Mail

Select commuters in New York City and Fairfield, California will have a chance to pioneer a fleet of autonomous vehicles slated to begin serving the cities later this year. Boston-based, Optimus Ride, announced that in the second quarter of 2019 it will deploy a fleet of autonomous cars at New York City's Brooklyn Navy Yard, an up-and-coming modern industrial and business park, as well as Paradise Valley Estates, a senior community in Fairfield, California. For New York, the introduction of Optimus' fully autonomous vehicles will mark the first-ever commercial self-driving car to tread in New York State where it will have a chance to offer rides to thousands of commuters. According to the company, the New York self-driving cars will help serve passengers on the Navy Yards private roads as well as'providing a loop shuttle service to connect NYC Ferry passengers to Flushing Avenue outside the Yard's perimeter.' In Paradise Valley, the cars will serve to provide potential residents of the community their own tours of the neighborhood and in the later phases of its deployment, be able to serve current residents looking to travel to destinations within the gated community.

AI powered smart bin can detect different types of food

Daily Mail

Food waste could become a thing of the past thanks to an AI powered smart bin that let's you know the type of items you throw away most regularly. The system uses a camera, a set of smart scales and the same type of machine learning technology found in self-driving cars. It comes pre-programmed with common items and learns to recognise different foods being thrown away regularly. It uses this information to calculate the financial and environmental cost of this wasted food, so that you can tailor your next food order accordingly. The smart bin is currently aimed at commercial kitchens but could one day be a common feature in people's homes, the firm hopes.

Self-driving tanks and swarms of deadly drones are being developed by Russia

Daily Mail

An army of'killer robots' that will assist infantry on the battlefield has been unveiled in propaganda footage released by Russia The video, released by the Kremlin, appears to showcase the state's latest drone technology. That includes and AI-controlled driverless tank that follow the aim of a soldier's rifle to obliterate targets with its own weaponry. Russia's Advanced Research Foundation (ARF) said the ultimate goal is to have an army of robots entirely controlled by Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Currently the drones are deployed alongside infantry who remotely control the vehicles, but in the future the tech will be fully autonomous. That means the military hardware will be able to target and kill enemies without any human intervention.

CFOs betting big on AI, machine learning, robotics process automation as business goes digital


CFOs have increased their bets on artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, analytics and blockchain as they are looking automate to boost savings, efficiency and agility, according to a Grant Thornton survey. Grant Thornton and CFO Research surveyed 378 senior finance executives from companies with revenue between $100 million and more than $20 billion. The findings reveal that CFOs are ready to invest heavily in emerging technologies as well as digital transformation. The digital transformation journey will also require CFOs to alter their mindset when it comes to technology investments. CFOs must be willing to experiment--and incur failures along the way--or risk falling behind.

Mass production 3D printing? It's coming, and it's a big deal


Markforged, a company that makes industrial 3D printers, today announced that it has closed an $82 million Series D round. "Markforged set out to change the pace of human innovation by enabling engineers, inventors and manufacturers to print industrial-grade parts at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods," says Greg Mark, CEO and co-founder. "We're very excited to have Summit join us as we help accelerate the next industrial revolution with broadly accessible and reliable 3D printing." That's a lofty aspiration, but it might not be far off. The $12 trillion manufacturing sector is undergoing a transformation thanks to flexible automation technologies, including autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robotics.

Shunned by CES, female sex tech company gets government grant


It was a PR disaster for organizers of this year's CES. Shortly after the 2019 show opened in Vegas, Lora Haddock, founder and CEO of sex tech company Lora DiCarlo, published an open letter to the tech community in which she decried sexism after the CTA, the organization that administers CES, withdrew her company's 2019 Innovation Award. The reasons given were vague and CTA's response shifted, but it appeared that organizers thought the company's product, a robotic sex toy called Osé which is designed to mimic human touch, was vulgar. This is the same CES that gamely hosted a roomful of dudes watching VR porn. Think the internet had anything to say about that?

Best robot vacuums: We name the most effective cleaners


Your message has been sent. There was an error emailing this page. Vacuuming is one of the most loathed household chores. While it doesn't come with the ick factor of cleaning the toilet or the tedium of dusting, pushing and dragging a noisy, cumbersome vacuum is its own kind of torture. No wonder most of us only break it out the bare-minimum-recommended once a week.