Alphabet Unit Tests New System to Identify Airborne Drones


Under the concept, operators, government agencies and individual citizens would have access to the data. The recent test results are expected to provide momentum for proposed package delivery to consumers and many other drone uses currently stalled by regulatory hurdles. U.S. air-safety and law-enforcement officials have balked at approving extensive commercial drone operations without reliable identification techniques. In addition to Wing, which is slated to demonstrate fledgling-package delivery procedures in Virginia this year, the flights included drone-service companies AirMap Inc. and Kittyhawk. With three of the burgeoning industry's leading companies backing the approach and promising to step up testing, proponents hope to persuade the Federal Aviation Administration to loosen flight restrictions before completion of full-fledged rule making expected to take years.

Heathrow: Man charged with flying drone near airport

BBC News

A man has been charged with flying a drone near Heathrow Airport on 24 December. George Rusu is accused of using a drone on a field near the runway just days after a scare at Gatwick grounded more than 1,000 flights. He has been charged with flying a "small unmanned aircraft without permission of air traffic control". Mr Rusu, 38, from Hillingdon, will appear at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on Tuesday. The alleged incident happened just three days after Gatwick Airport fully reopened on December 21, following three days of chaos affecting about 140,000 passengers.

What is AI code of ethics? - Definition from


An AI code of ethics, also called an AI value platform, is a policy statement that formally defines the role of artificial intelligence as it applies to the continued development of the human race. The purpose of an AI code of ethics is to provide stakeholders with guidance when faced with an ethical decision regarding the use of artificial intelligence. Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer, foresaw the potential dangers of autonomous AI agents long before their development and created The Three Laws of Robotics as a means of limiting those risks. In Asimov's code of ethics, the first law forbids robots from actively harming humans or allowing harm to come to humans by refusing to act. The second law orders robots to obey humans, unless the orders are not in accordance with the first law.

Oracle CEO: All cloud apps to include AI as standard by 2025


Artificial intelligence will be seamlessly integrated into all cloud apps by 2025 rather than being introduced as an afterthought, according to Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. During the same time frame, as the world of business shifts further towards this increased use of AI and automation, there will be mass job creation rather than annihilation. Indeed, claims Hurd, some 60% of the IT jobs that will be required come 2025 don't actually exist today. "The reality is cloud adoption is moving faster than predicted. Cloud is not just a technology. Cloud is a strategy, cloud is a business model," Hurd told delegates in attendance at the firm's Oracle OpenWorld event in London.

Why a computer may be your next manager


There's a new drinking game that is sweeping across after-work corporate watering holes. Everyone takes turns guessing how long it will be until their job is automated out of existence. After every guess, everyone drinks. There is a steady drumbeat of news and analysis that predict a certain demise of much of modern work. You could even put my last CIO article, "The'future of work' in the digital era may not be what you think," in that category.

Do You Take This Robot …


We live in an era when rapid advances in robotics and artificial intelligence are colliding with an expanding conception of sexual identity. This comes quickly on the heels of growing worldwide acceptance of gay, trans and bisexual people. Now you may describe yourself as polyamorous or demisexual -- that last one is people who only feel sexual attraction in close emotional relationships. Perhaps you best identify as aromantic (that's people who don't feel romance) or skoliosexual (that's a primary attraction to people of no, or multiple, or complex genders). Self-identification is not the same as identity, and some classes of description now may be closer to metaphor.

To cripple AI, hackers are turning data against itself


A neural network looks at a picture of a turtle and sees a rifle. A self-driving car blows past a stop sign because a carefully crafted sticker bamboozled its computer vision. An eyeglass frame confuse facial recognition tech into thinking a random dude is actress Milla Jovovich. The hacking of artificial intelligence is an emerging security crisis. Pre-empting criminals attempting to hijack artificial intelligence by tampering with datasets or the physical environment, researchers have turned to adversarial machine learning.

Are Robots Coming for Teachers' Jobs?


There has been a lot of excited talk recently about the threat to jobs posed by automation, robots, and now Artificial Intelligence (AI): machines that can think like humans. We're told that ever more complex tasks can now be automated and perhaps done better as a result, and we should all be preparing for a world in which we're competing for work with computers. Is teaching one of the jobs put at risk by the emergence of AI? Or does AI have potential to enhance life in the classroom? A recent event organised by BESA, the industry body for education suppliers, provided plenty of food for thought about these questions. He argued that AI can help us move away from the "factory model of education" towards a more open-ended system focused on creativity and problem solving – and he said we're seeing early signs of what technology can bring us in innovations such as "no lecture hall" universities and courses offering "nanodegrees".

Here are the 5 best Amazon deals you can get this weekend


This Saturday, save big on robot vacuums, travel mugs, TVs, and more. If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA Today's newsroom and any business incentives. The weekend is my favorite time to shop for myself. I'm really able to focus on the things I need (OK, things I want) and put more effort into researching my options.

You have no idea what artificial intelligence really does


WHEN SOPHIA THE ROBOT first switched on, the world couldn't get enough. It had a cheery personality, it joked with late-night hosts, it had facial expressions that echoed our own. Here it was, finally -- a robot plucked straight out of science fiction, the closest thing to true artificial intelligence that we had ever seen. There's no doubt that Sophia is an impressive piece of engineering. It didn't take much to convince people of Sophia's apparent humanity -- many of Futurism's own articles refer to the robot as "her."