Viewpoint: An Intelligent Approach to AI - Mobile Marketing


The phrase'hype cycle' could have been invented for the mobile marketing industry. Typically, a new tech's day in the sun lasts anything from six – 12 months, before the next big thing comes along. Think about Native, Wearables, Programmatic, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. All came, all are still very much around, but each has been superseded by the next. And if VR was last year's big thing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is this year's, infiltrating an increasing number of aspects of our daily lives. In the home, there's Amazon Echo, the personal assistant which responds to your voice to tell you how your commute is looking, what the weather's doing, or what's happening in the news. Whether Echo qualifies as AI in its current guise, however, is a moot point. Ask it something it doesn't know the answer to and, in my experience to date, it will remain ignorant of the answer, no matter how many times you ask it.

This is the closest thing Intel has built to a discrete GPU


Intel doesn't make its own discrete GPU but has built something that specializes in processing 4K graphics. But that product isn't powerful enough to run Crysis, if you were wondering.

Death of the webform, thanks to AI


Ever been frustrated by the checkout process when buying something on your phone? Is your billing address not the easiest thing to thumb in? Did a hidden AutoFill demon suddenly overwrite what you tapped out, with your address from seven years ago? Can you not find the one required field that's preventing you from submitting? (Spoiler: I often fall victim to all of these.)

The Real Dangers of Assisted and Augmented Reality


So, I'm struggling a bit with the idea of applying machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to everything around me. Google recently gave me a Google Home device; I'm not quite sure why. Maybe they wanted to give it more real world voice recognition training opportunities. Maybe they wanted me to write about it, as good social marketing. Maybe they wanted to hear how I'm advising their competitors, naughty, naughty. I don't like the idea of it listening to my conversations. My wife really doesn't like it listening to her.

NAB: Artificial Intelligence Is the Next Frontier for Virtual Reality


Artificial intelligence will begin to play a more vital role in areas such as virtual reality and gaming, agreed several speakers Sunday at the National Association of Broadcasters Show's Future of Cinema Summit.

How Ecommerce Brands can prepare for Artificial Intelligence


There is no question that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technological advances such as virtual reality or augmented reality are taking the marketing world by storm.

Tech trends we're most looking forward to in 2017


As the end of the year looms over the horizon, it's time to take a look forward and mull over the next big thing in technology.

Facebook's Augmented Reality Engine Brings AI Right to Your Phone


When Hussein Mehanna showed off a new incarnation of Facebook's Big Blue App back in November, it seemed a tiny improvement--at least on the surface. The app could transform a photo from your cousin's wedding into a Picasso or a Van Gogh or a Warhol, a bit of extra fun for your social media day. But with this bit of extra fun, Mehanna and his team of Facebook engineers were laying the groundwork for an audacious effort to change the future of computing--what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls a platform for augmented reality.