Y Combinator Has Gone Supernova


I am thinking that sounds crazy--a response that might actually make Sam Altman happy. "I think we'll fund ten thousand companies next year," he says. More than 50 companies that went through the program are worth more than $100 million each and, of course, there are the multi-billion dollar valuations of YC's big three: Dropbox, Airbnb, and Stripe. Within the organization, there's a single talking point to describe YC's evolution: YC started as a family business but now it's more like a university.

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Intelligence amplification (IA) (also referred to as cognitive augmentation and machine augmented intelligence) refers to the effective use of information technology in augmenting human intelligence. Moreover, IA has a long history of success, since all forms of information technology, from the abacus to writing to the Internet, have been developed basically to extend the information processing capabilities of the human mind (see extended mind and distributed cognition). Engelbart reasoned that the state of our current technology controls our ability to manipulate information, and that fact in turn will control our ability to develop new, improved technologies. And by complex situations we include the professional problems of diplomats, executives, social scientists, life scientists, physical scientists, attorneys, designers--whether the problem situation exists for twenty minutes or twenty years.

SOPHiA AI Unlocks the Power of Exome Sequencing for Clinical Diagnostics


SOPHiA takes exome sequencing to new heights, allowing for unmatched analytical performances to detect, annotate and pre-classify disease-related genetic variants over all protein-coding regions of the human genome. Dr. Reinhard Hiller from the Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research Artisan Biomed Laboratory based in Cape Town, South Africa, explained how WES helps save precious time and resources, "Sophia Genetics' Whole Exome Solution (WES) serves as an excellent benchmark for our laboratory as it detects and validates a more comprehensive variant list. Using AI and leveraging knowledge-sharing to create a collective intelligence, Sophia Genetics continues its mission to democratize Data-Driven Medicine. With faster, more affordable, and more accurate results, the AI-powered exome solutions by Sophia Genetics represent the next frontier in Data-Driven Medicine, and the most efficient diagnostics tool for clinicians faced with unclear phenotypic data.

Cisco on AI: The 'Future of Collaboration'


The MindMeld acquisition aligns with Cisco's mission to get its products into more hands, faster, which is the message Jens Meggers, Cisco's SVP and GM for the Cloud Collaboration Technology Group, drove home in a recent interview about the company's future vision for collaboration. Cisco will largely leverage the technology to advance Spark, Cisco's team collaboration platform, specifically in the area of ambient listening, as UC analyst Zeus Kerravala told us in his recent No Jitter post on the acquisition.

Dropbox founder drops by to inspire and spark collaboration

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After earning his bachelor's in electrical engineering and computer science, Houston's frustration with the clunky need to carry portable USB drives drove him to partner with a fellow MIT student, Arash Ferdows, to develop an online solution -- what would become Dropbox. The Department of Electrical Engineering and Science (EECS) caught up with Houston to ask him about his perspective on Paper, a new tool Dropbox created out of necessity, and the potential for artificial intelligence to improve how people and teams organize their work online. Keeping files in sync is a way to keep teams in sync -- sharing info gets teams on the same page. Those are just a couple of ways that [machine learning and automated assistance] could be applied, but there are, potentially, thousands.

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The R programming language already offers a general purpose package for piping function output to new functions, magrittr. The aim of this project is to provide a similar syntax, but much more focused on machine learning and utilizing a large number of preprocessing methods that are available in other R packages. For comparison, the Python machine learning toolbox Scikit learn offers Pipeline and FeatureUnion functions to chain multiple estimators and transformer functions into one call. As stated in their documentation the main advantage is that only one call to fit and predict is required for a complete pipeline fit and it is possible to optimize jointly over the whole space of hyperparameters.

It's time for some messy, democratic discussions about the future of AI


Their meeting follows the publication of a set of principles for beneficial AI that emerged from a conference earlier this year at a place with an important history. The cast list of the 2017 Asilomar meeting included corporate wunderkinds from Google, Facebook and Tesla as well as researchers, philosophers, and other academics. The group was more intellectually diverse than their 1975 equivalents, but there were some notable absences – no public and their concerns, no journalists, and few experts in the responsible development of new technologies. The principles are short on accountability, and there are notable absences, including the need to engage with a broader set of stakeholders and the public.

IBM's Watson Groomed as C-Suite Advisor

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It is intended to explore how software that can understand and participate in human interactions could "magnify human cognition," says Dario Gil, director for symbiotic cognitive systems at IBM research. In a live demonstration, it helped researchers role-playing as executives to generate a short list of companies to acquire. IBM is not the first to try to improve meetings by having software understand and enhance them. "Using recognition and content analysis technologies has a significant potential to enhance both face-to-face and remote meetings, and could significantly improve organizational cultures," says Steve Renals, a professor of speech technology at the University of Edinburgh who helped lead that project.

IBM introduces Watson Workspace collaboration tool


This is an IBM collaboration tool that allows people to create shared spaces where they can post questions, share ideas, collaborate on projects, etc. Watson Workspace enables people to integrate multiple tools into a single stream, creating a more seamless experience versus jumping back and forth between multiple tools. Workspace Moments leverages the IBM Watson cognitive APIs to create a summary of the posts taking place in a Space. For example, the image below shows a concept for email that applies similar "action, question, decision" labels inside the body of the message making it easy to quickly scan and get the gist of what you need to know/do.

Now you don't need to bother putting on makeup when you work from home: App puts Snapchat-style 'virtual cosmetics' on participants during videoconferences

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It also offers offers different skin tones, lipsticks and rouges to help you create a unique look. It also offers offers different skin tones, lipsticks and rouges to help you create a unique look. The app will be first releases on an experimental basis on Skype for Buisiness for users to take part in a campaign hosted by Microsoft Japan. The app, which is still being tested, will be first releases on an experimental basis on Skype for Buisiness for users to take part in a campaign hosted by Microsoft Japan.